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Unique Needs for Spirit-led Business Owners
If you're running your business with Spirit or intuition leading the ship, you have to do it your way. But you still need a strategy.
Getting Out of the Feast & Famine of Referral-Only Business
Chances are good you are well known for your specific gifts (or are on that path). You'll learn why referrals are just the beginning of the journey, and how to make a plan to support your thriving.
Re-Frames to
Change the Game
Maybe you thought you hated marketing and sales... My core reframes will completely transform your thoughts on what it means to be visible.
Explore "High Vibe Visibility Secrets" Course
The Modules
Over six powerful days you'll get content that will blow your mind and uplevel your results. Here are the topics we'll cover:

• Moving beyond referral only business
• How to fall in love with email marketing (even if you think you hate it)
• How to know what to charge for your services
• What you need to know to develop a successful, Spirit-led brand
• How to weave your Spirit-given gifts into your business effectively
• Power archetypes for Spirit-led women in business 
The Handouts
Each day, in addition to powerful prompts to expand your thinking on each topic, you'll also receive PDF worksheets that will help you to apply the concepts you learn and take each training to the next level.
The Community
You can also join a powerful community of other Spirit-led business owners who are taking this information into their unfolding Soul Leadership. Share your insights, ask for support, and step into your most powerful expansion with a community of like spirits.
This is THE training course that's going to help you expand your business, your way... 

In a way that honors your inner knowing, creative spirit, and Divine gifts.

Content Designed for Revolutionary Souls

No cookie cutters for you. Get the information that works for you; someone who has to do it their way.

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Working with Theresa has been like "hitching my wagon to a star” – or switching from ‘Regular’ to high-octane fuel. She is a brilliant, intuitive, compassionate, and insightful coach. She is also an ever-flowing fountain of well-targeted ideas that are helping me to move my very quirky Calling out into the mainstream and onto the Path of Success. 

Laurel Airica, WordMagic Global

The Kleuh was the perfect solution for my small business. It's targeted, mobile responsive, out of the box ready, elegant and simple.  If you're looking for a great template look no further because The Kleuh has your covered.

Janice Doe
is just the program to amplify your results...
while working with Spirit.
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